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Collection: Pulse input Externally powered rate totalisers | Type nA panel mounting


  • ATEX, IECEx, ETL and cETL Ex nA & Ex tc certification allows installation in Zone 2 and 22 without Zener barriers or galvanic isolators.
  • Rugged Stainless Steel enclosure for use in Ex n, Ex e, Ex p or Ex t panel enclosure located in Zones 2 or 22.
  • Proximity detector, magnetic pick-off, voltage pulse, or switch contact input.
  • Separate rate and total displays

Internally powered display backlight
Isolated Alarms
Isolated synchronous pulse output
Isolated 4/20mA output

Product details
This easy to use, Ex nA and Ex tc certified rate totaliser can process and simultaneously display rate of flow and total flow from the pulse output of most flowmeters in Zone 2 or 22 without the need for Zener barriers or galvanic isolators. International certification allows worldwide installation and a 16 segment lineariser ensures maximum accuracy.

Accessories, include a display backlight, isolated dual alarms or isolated synchronous pulse output or an isolated 4/20mA output. The instrument can be supplied configured and fitted with a customer specified printed scale card showing the units of measurement for no additional charge. Specified tag or application information can also be printed onto the rear of the instrument.

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  • BEKA BA337NE Externally Powered Rate Totaliser
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