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Serial text [Data] displays


• Displays text and simple graphics

• High contrast display with backlight

• Incorporates operator push buttons

• Modbus, legacy & BEKA protocol

• RS232 and RS485 ports

• 11 standard screens with up to 8 variables on each

• 2 solid state outputs

• Galvanic isolator for hazardous area applications

• Models for:

• Intrinsically safe Ex ia applications
General purpose applications
Field and panel mounting

• Accessories:

• Pipe mounting kits

• Three year guarantee

These Serial Text displays incorporate a high contrast backlit display, push buttons and two solid state outputs, to form a low cost operator interface which is ideal for simple process and machine control applications.

The text displays support Modbus, BEKA and legacy protocols and include eleven standard screen formats that can display up to eight variables on each screen, some with bargraphs. If custom display formats are required, these can be constructed using the free BEKA ScreenWriter software.

The intrinsically safe models communicate and are powered via a 2 or 3 wire system from a galvanic isolator in the safe area. To simplify hazardous area installations, the BA201 certified galvanic isolator which has RS232 and RS485 safe area ports can power up to four BEKA intrinsically safe Serial Text Displays.

The general purpose models are separately powered and have RS232 and RS485 ports.

For more information, please choose the model which best suits your application from the table below.

These UK designed and manufactured instruments include fourth generation models which have even larger displays, more digits and international certification complying with the latest standards for the hazardous area models. The range now includes increased safety Ex eb and Ex tb models which are a lower cost alternative for flameproof indicators, but have much larger easy to see displays.

Indicators can be supplied ready to install with customer specified calibration, scale and tag marking for no additional charge.

For more information, please choose the model which best suits your application from the tables below.

Intrinsically safe field mounting Intrinsically safe panel mounting General purpose field mounting General purpose panel mounting
Communications isolator